Ùmmara | Vineria con cucina

“Altro il vino non è se non la luce del sole mescolata con l’umido della vite.”
Ùmmara vineria con cucina opens its doors on the eve of autumn 2016. It stems from the dream of Giuseppe Fiorilla, his thirst for life did the rest. He and his old friends had always been looking at via Aleardi, yet void and full of potential. During the summer nights spent chatting, they imagined the blooming grapevine, warm lights reflecting on the full goblets, the people’s laughter. After many experiences around Italy, Giuseppe had by now become a well-known professional in the sector. His radical approach to cuisine, the overflowing passion for what is good and not for what “sells”, the cult for natural, were features struggling to emerge. By sharing his conception of conviviality, Ùmmara (meaning shade in Sicilian) lays in between tradition and innovation: manifesto of enogastronomic identities, Ùmmara is the epicenter of an earthquake of tastes and flavors which starting from the Island spreads out looking for the same genuinity around the world. Thus, typical dishes and reinterpretations, such as historic wines and daring vinification experiments, they are all at disposal: Ùmmara continuous research is led by the intransigent need to offer emotions in respect of the environment, workforce and palate. A new generation restaurateur, as demonstrated by the total digitization of services, Giuseppe’s creature is a virtuous example of how progress can be put at the service of the heritage we cherish: From Middle Eastern to Japanese cuisine, from South African to Slovenian wine, everything is carefully recomposed thanks to the flair of a man with his roots in Sicily and his spirit in the world.
ummara insalata

Our menu

We guarantee the maximum freshness and authenticity of our products: the vegetables come from organic agriculture and are grown in the Sciclitani lands, meat and fish are daily selected by our chef.

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located in via aleardi, the main street of the city of Scicli, ùmmara offers traditional cuisine and the pleasure of authentic Sciclitan hospitality.